Screwtape Blog #3

Dearest Abscess,

I was disappointed by your last letter. It appears that you were unable to follow my instructions. Shall we review briefly? You tried to bombard your client’s mind with perverse images. She tuned you out. You were unable even to find an image that would entice her to lust. Such ineptitude! Your next assignment was to make her feel guilty about the unwelcome images. I concede that you had some modicum of success there. But it was pale and tepid. The goal, as I explained it to you, was to saddle the wretch with such shame that she would shun the Enemy’s followers. My delicious Abscess. Once again, you have failed. I see that your client continues to go to church and to spend time with others of the Enemy’s camp. Not only this, but she is devoting an inordinate amount of time to prayer. This is very, very, disconcerting. You foolish little pudding. You were having such fun bombarding her with perverse images, that she realized this was not a simple battle of the flesh. She recognized you! You went overboard, as usual. Moderation in all things, sweet tart. If you had only bothered to discover where her real weakness lies and tempted her accordingly. But no. You went hog-wild and overplayed your hand. You should have known that she would not feel lust, but only disgust by such images. You know how fond I am of you, but I don’t know that my influence can prevent you from experiencing some sort of punishment from our esteemed Master for your juvenile mistakes. Lesson number one, niece: know your client. Do your homework. Quit slacking, dumpling. You seem to think that your goal is just to have fun tormenting the creature. While that is rewarding in itself, it is hardly the goal. Study her. Find out her own particular areas of weakness and exploit them. I will try to find some way to present this as something other than the dismal failure it is when I give my report to our Lower Downs.

Your doting Aunt,

Dee Kay


Screwtape Blog Entry #2

My dear Abscess,

I was somewhat surprised by your elation over that which you call “the assault” on your subject. Your success in tempting those other creatures to falsely accuse your client is, of course, commendable. And I understand the thrill of hearing your own words spoken by the human puppets. But you are indeed naïve to suppose that external attacks are enough to cause one of the Enemy’s servants to stumble. Didn’t the Enemy Himself say something about corruption from within being of greater importance than external corruption? Nice of these silly fools to write that down in their book lest we forget. How the war can still be going on with such stupid mistakes being made in the Enemy’s camp is beyond me. Not that I am in any way criticizing the battle strategies of our own magnificent commander! One simply wonders. But I digress.

Back to your client: Remember that it is the internal person which you must affect. If she has been unjustly attacked, work on her sense of injury. Her initial rush of anger may quickly dissipate. ‘Tis richer meat to help her to move into self-righteous self-pity. Ah! Delicious combination! It is an elementary matter, known to the most naïf of tempters, to turn righteous anger into self-righteous indignation. That feeling weds easily with sullen self-pity. So go ahead and enjoy her initial burst of anger, but when you tire of fanning the flame of resentment, pet the poor little beast into self-pity. There is the richer fare!

Hungrily Yours,

Aunt Dee Kay


Screwtape Blog

My dearest Abscess,

It is all very well to place that perverse image into your client’s mind. But you say that she did not entertain the image, festering and lusting and …. Well, moving on to actual sin. So why are you continuing in the same mode? Can you not see that you must move on? It may be fun for you, but it isn’t working. I would hate to have to report your lack of initiative to the Supreme Diabolical Commander. Must I spell everything out for you, my young devil? Do not panic. All is not lost. If your client continues to refuse to dwell on the images you present, you simply proceed to step two. Lust is not the only sin that such images can produce. A deep sense of shame over the temptation is also quite pleasant for us. Never let your subject remember that there is a difference between temptation and sin. Certainly do your diabolical best to prevent your client from remembering that our Enemy was also tempted. Press in with the shame. And here, dear Abscess, is the really fun part: Reinforce this sense of shame through the reactions of others. Whether these reactions are real or imagined makes no difference whatsoever. It is sufficient that she believes others see her as dirty. Mm. What a lovely word. But I digress. Once you have accomplished creating a sense of shame in your client over sins not actually committed, use this sensation (here is the pay-off) to cause her to “break fellowship”. Cut her off from other followers of the Enemy! Make her believe that they think badly of her, and so convince her to avoid other believers.

Even though you failed miserably to entice you client to simple sexual sin, you can still save face if you follow my instructions. In the end, it may even be advantageous to our side that these more interesting foibles be exploited. Your immediate goals are to induce

  1. Shame
  2. Paranoia
  3. Breaking of fellowship.

Your Affectionate Auntie,

Dee Kay